Directory Update Cover Form

INSTRUCTIONS:  Use this form as a cover sheet to notify the Human Resources Communications as to whether or not you have changes to the 'non-A-Z' section of the University Directory.  

If you have directory updates for Round 1 or Round 2*:

  1. Update and save the listings for which you are responsible (see instructions in the Directory Coordinators User Guide for details). 
  2. For each file that you updated and saved in Step 1, complete the information below on the Directory Update Cover Form.  At the end of the form, you will be instructed to attach the file. 

* Only submit a cover form for Round 2 if your changes were not captured accurately in Round 1.

NOTE: If you have no changes for Round 1, submit a cover form with the 'No Changes' box (below) checked off.


Round Information
Cover Form Header Sections
Provide a separate cover form for each bolded header section of the directory. Submit a cover form for Round 1 even if you have no changes and check the 'No Changes' box below.
Change Status
Upload .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, xlsx documents.
Update an additional file if necessary.
Coordinator Information
Additional Information